I had to miss most of the shows on the last day of FFWD due to work but I managed to make it to see Zayan and Furne One's collections.
First up was Zayan's show. Walking into this I knew it was going to be happy, happy galore and that's exactly what we got. Models skipping and dancing down the runway with awesome fishtail braids, funky print t-shirts and tutus. It was every bit Zayan.
The final show I attended was Amato by Furne One, one of the most talented couture designers around. What I loved about the show (aside from the incredible gowns) was it was a proper production. From the intro video that introduced the collection as a circus of good and evil, the oepning and closing gowns, the perfume launchm the ballerina and the closing quote "who are you to think you know the difference between good and evil". It was divine!
 I'm madly in love with this headpiece and have decided I cannot live without it!

After that it was off to the after party, but not before having some fun on the Evian swings.

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Nuha said...

aghhhh zayan slays me! her designs are always so fun! Thanks for introducing me to Amato as well!